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We help agency owners take control of their finances, improve cash flow and achieve stronger profit margins.

The accountancy and business advisory firm for your marketing and communications agency.

Maintaining a healthy profit margin and bank balance are just two of the many difficulties owners face as their agency grows. With extensive hands-on agency experience, we provide the solutions to support profitable growth, boost your bank balance and free up your time from finance and compliance matters.

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Before Michael joined us at RY, our finances experienced frequent hiccups. Michael has streamlined our processes and made the management of our finances the smoothest it can be. We’ve seen a dramatic improvement in working capital management and this has led to a considerably healthier cash balance. Moreover, we now have faster, more accurate and relevant reporting alongside improved financial modelling and forecasting. Michael was invaluable during the pandemic; without him we would not have weathered the bumpy journey in the way that we did, coming out of the other side in a fortunate position. To anyone who is deliberating over whether to use Michael’s services, I personally couldn’t vouch for and recommend anyone more highly.

Carl Radley

Founder of Radley Yeldar

Do these typical agency growing pains sound familiar?

  • Revenue is increasing but isn't translating into increased profit or cash.

  • You don't know if your fees and the standard rate card are at the right level to make profitable returns.

  • There is no data to tell you which type of work is delivering the best margins and which opportunities you should be targeting.

  • You’re unsure if you should add to your headcount or use freelance support and what you can afford to pay.

  • You don't know if your outgoings are appropriate for the size of your agency.

  • You have uncertainty over your finance requirements and the most appropriate forms of funding for your agency.

How we will work with you

1 Discover

We learn what is going well and not so well for your agency, understand your current pain points and what the short to long-term plans are.

We draw on our agency experience to discuss and suggest suitable service options from which you select to proceed.

2 Analyse

We analyse the financial information that you hold and the systems you use. We will evaluate the quality of data, highlight where it can be improved and where new data will need to be captured for future analysis.

The financial health of your agency is assessed and we make a plan of action to get you to where you ought to be.

3 Implement and evolve

We get started on executing the plan. Your systems are set up and your financial records are brought up to date and standard if needed. You and your team will be provided with training where necessary.

We will have regular touchpoints with you on your performance, progress, tax position and compliance, always giving explanations and recommendations in plain language.

As you progress on your growth journey, our service will evolve to meet your changing needs.

Some of our recent insights

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