Accountants for public relations agencies.

Front-facing support.

The public relations (PR) world is full-on, with little time to take stock of where you’re at. Managing press releases, dealing with the media, and handling the demands of all your clients is a full-on job that requires hours of time to get right.

We have extensive experience working as PR agency accountants, so we understand what is likely bothering you, what is preventing you from moving forward, and — most importantly — what solutions you need.

Making your finances crystal clear

As experienced accountants for PR agencies, we can help take care of the financial side of your business.

We can manage your finances, sort out your tax, analyse your data and create a clear strategy to help your firm reach its goals. We’ll build a relationship together, where nothing is off the table — ideas can be shared freely and without fear of judgement.

We’ll use cloud accounting to keep track of all your income and expenses — no more issues with deleted spreadsheets or the wrong data. Just clean, simple and effective connected information.

Why is accounting important?

Good question. Sometimes it’s hard for businesses (and especially agencies with the unpredictable nature of work) to see the need for an accountant compared to doing it all yourself.

We’re experts — we have seen countless businesses succeed, through clear advice and tailored strategies that work to hone in on a proper path to success.

We’ll be by your side — like the Alfred to your Batman — quietly making sure you can go out and save the day (ie. make your clients feel great). It’s your dream to chase, we’re just facilitating it.

It’s time to take action — we’re ready to talk.

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