Outsourced finance function.

A one-stop shop for all your financial processes

Agencies of all types can benefit from one common thing: financial control. Our outsourced finance function could be the service which allows you to regain that control. But what are these functions, and how can they help your agency?

Balancing your books

Bookkeeping is one of the most integral accounting functions for your business. Your books should hold all of your essential transactions, from your income to your outgoings, everything must be recorded.

While the actual process of bookkeeping is routine and repetitive, it’s essential. Letting your books fall by the wayside is a surefire way to throw your accounts into chaos. We’ll ensure that best practice is adopted and that you’ll be compliant with the rules!

We work closely with clients to keep their books up to date, giving them a clear picture of their finances whenever they need it most. By taking control of your books, we’re also giving you that precious time back to focus on your agency and clients.

Accounts payable and receivable

In order for your agency to keep running smoothly and growing (if that’s your aim), you’ll need to closely monitor your accounts payable and receivable. Both of these will make up a sizeable portion of your finance function.

We’ll take full ownership of accounts payable, processing invoices and expenses in a timely fashion and ensuring you’re correctly reclaiming VAT. We can reduce your admin by raising salary, freelancer and invoice payments on your behalf through our regulated payments provider.  All you need to do is authorise the payments and make a single payment to cover the batch payments saving you time! Paying people on time is of paramount importance. The last thing you’ll want is to be seen as unreliable.

It’s not just your payments you need to monitor but the ones you’re expecting from your clients. We’ll make sure everything is collected so your cashflow doesn’t take an unnecessary hit.

What’s more, we’ll ensure the right amount of VAT is being charged on each invoice and that your invoices are never ignored. Let’s get you paid on time. Talk to us about our outsourced finance function.

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